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Beetling is the preferred method for European skulls over boiling.   Boiling can shrink the skull, cause drying and cracking.  Skulls turn out best if they are fresh.  Although they can be done in any condition, it is best not to let them sit and rot and/or get full of maggots, flies, etc.  If you are not ready to have your skull beetled right away, it is best to put it in a freezer if possible.

For that Pope & Young or Boone & Crockett trophy animal, beetling is best because the skull will not shrink, which would lower the score.

 Boiling can cause cracking, peeling, and unnecessary yellowing from the oils being drawn into the skull.  Beetling preserves the internal nose cavity, where boiling usually destroys this unique look (honeycomb look in bear skulls, etc).

When an animal is shot in the head, it wrecks the bone structure. The only way to keep the European look, is to replace it with a realistic looking artificial skull. I can’t put bone back together. An animal shot in the head is not guaranteed to keep the bone together once it’s skinned.


The entire process can take anywhere from 6-12+ months, depending on what condition the skull arrives in and the amount of skulls I have at any given time. The process can involve skinning head, drying it out, putting in beetle box, degreasing, whitening skull, re-whitening, putting a protective finish on skull, and mounting on a base if desired. Please don’t call, e-mail or text to “inquire” if it is done or when it will be done. I can’t reply to all inquiries as I can’t predict how long each step will take. You will receive a call or text just as soon as yours is finished.


For shipping a head, freeze solid.  Double bag animal in a box.  It is best to ship at the beginning of the week so it doesn’t sit in a warehouse over the weekend.  Prices do not include shipping. 


Call, text, or e-mail for prices. The price includes skinning and prepping for the beetle box (I prefer to skin them so it is thorough and done how I would like it prepped), beetling, debugging, whitening, and degreasing, if needed. You also have the option to mount a skull on a wall or table base if desired for an additional charge. There are many different base options.